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Wake Up

2009-10-17 15:20:41 by OneLastCaress

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1 year? Holy shit.

2009-10-10 16:55:11 by OneLastCaress

I've been on NG with OneLastCaress for a whole year.

Thank you to everyone who has been friendly to me since I've been here.
Regardless of what anyone says, the NG community rules.


2009-09-27 23:32:15 by OneLastCaress

Homecoming sucks dick.

Good bye, and Good riddance.

2009-08-31 02:49:48 by OneLastCaress

Well, summer is finally over. Finally.

I know it's sort of strange to think summer sucks, but it does. School is easy and I'm going into 10th grade. I'm excited to see my friends and girlfriend. I'm excited to not be bored everyday. I'm excited to be able to sleep at night. Thank god for Fall.

Lux Aeterna

2009-08-18 03:43:13 by OneLastCaress

I'm not sure where I found this. It very well might have been here on NG.

It's a really cool work on Lux Aeterna from the trippiest movie ever made.

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So I went to see franz ferdinand and green day.

We rented a hotel room and got the penthouse.

It was fuckin' awesome.


2009-08-12 23:27:56 by OneLastCaress

My brother's been getting into my account lately. Sorry for the stupid posts and stuff.


2009-08-08 02:33:23 by OneLastCaress

As some of you may already know, I'm a guitarist.

I own a jackson kelly, ibanez rg, ibanez acoustic and squier j-bass.
I have a line 6 spider III, use first act picks, and I have a planet waves cord.

That's where the problem is. My cord.

I plug it in to my amp. No problem

Plug it into my guitar. No problem.

Play a few chords. No problem.

Move a nanometer. Problem. Big problem.

The amp starts screeching.

Sure, It could be the amp.
Try another cord. Works fine.

My fucking cord causes my amp to make the most unholy noise known to human-kind.
What the hell?


2009-08-06 06:31:57 by OneLastCaress

I can't sleep, basically.

This sucks. I've been up four straight days. I'm incredibly tired but I just can't sleep.

I did write several songs, though.


2009-08-04 02:05:33 by OneLastCaress

Hair. Sleep.