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i hate smirnoff

2010-08-27 04:07:44 by OneLastCaress

it tate like sprie and you have to drink like 4 of them to get wasted. it's stupid. i don't like it a all


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2010-08-27 04:35:56

then don't drink it

OneLastCaress responds:

it's all we had last night, lol.


2010-08-27 12:19:19

Captain Morgan's / Jack Daniel's.

OneLastCaress responds:

yessssssss. <3


2010-09-19 22:24:04

charles manson is awesome

OneLastCaress responds:

hell yes.


2010-09-19 22:24:41

my picture is canada's greatest serial killer. robert pickton. he's better than charles manson because he actually killed people and he is canadian. charles manson is still awesome as fuck though.

OneLastCaress responds:

brainwashing is the shit